Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting the Stable Foundations blog spot. If you made it this far on our website, than you’re probably curious to learn more about equine assisted family therapy. One of the questions I get asked frequently is “why do you use horses?”. Well, it’s a good question I’d like to begin to answer in this post…

Horses are prey animals that are very aware of their environment. They are social animals that have their own defined role within their herd. Just like us, they have their own personalities, attitudes and moods. They are intuitive creatures that pay close attention to body language and are very sensitive to non-verbal communication.

Through their distinct body language they communicate clear and direct messages. Horses are honest animals and provide immediate feedback. They are large and powerful creatures. They can be intimidating and provide great opportunity for mastery. Horses are also known to mirror behaviors of human and therefore provide great opportunities for metaphors when working with clients.

When working with horses in Equine Assisted Family Therapy (EAFT) they help facilitate the session and become excellent catalysts for change.