Stable Foundations is a full service equine assisted growth and learning program which brings  state of the art healing and professional training resources to students,  individuals and families..  We offer  a full range of therapy services, training opportunities for both graduate students and mental health professionals, as well as team building workshops and retreats for the corporate community.    

At Stable Foundations,  we bring a unique component to the growth and learning process through the expertise of Equine Assisted Psychoherapy and Equine Assisted Learning (EAP/EAL).  This rich learning modality incorporates  interaction with horses as a way for individuals to explore what works and doesn’t work for them in their relationships, both personally and professionally.  Engaging with horses allows people to explore how they develop trust, manage anxiety and deal with uncertainty. Non-judgmental and accepting, horses are also masters at mirroring human body language, thus offering clients a unique opportunity to reflect on their own behavior. People can often move more quickly and dramatically through the equine growth and learning  process and experience positive changes in their relationships and their everyday responses to challenging situations. Further, working outside with the horses is, for many pursuing psychotherapy, a much less threatening and less stigmatizing process than more traditional therapy approaches.

Equine assisted  therapy is not about horsemanship or horseback riding. In fact, most participants have never had any horse experience.  All of the exercises are conducted on the ground in a confidential, safe setting, with professionals trained in counseling and equine assisted psychotherapy.